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Book your Custom Airbrush Spray Tan Online

Book your Custom Airbrush Spray Tan Online –
Because of our wonderful clients our business has exploded and in turn we have upgraded to the most sophisticated online client booking process to better serve our clients.

Online Booking Instructions:

All clients booking with our new system for the first time will need to create a new account. New clients will need to register as well. To create a new account simply just enter your name, where it says “New to our Site?”

Book your Custom Airbrush Spray Tan OnlineIf you are an existing client of ours but have not booked with the new system the next page will put up your account by showing you your name. Select “This is me!” if the system comes up with a match. The next page will ask you to verify your account with your phone number. Be sure to use the phone number that we have on file for you. New clients who are not in our system will skip this step.

Book your Custom Airbrush Spray Tan OnlineThe final step will be where you enter in your personal information. Once the account is created you will never have to register for a new one again. Your account will give you access to our Online Store, Appointment Bookings, Purchase History and you may even reschedule or cancel appointments just by logging into your account. Members, you can update your billing information from your account as well.

Book your Custom Airbrush Spray Tan Online

 To Book your Custom Airbrush Spray Tan Online:

1.) Choose The Original  Custom Spray Tan or The Express Custom Spray Tan. We suggest referring to our Services Page if you are uncertain which to book.

2.) Choose the instructor & when or leave these fields blank to see our full availability.

3.) Choose the time range or click on specific time, the next page will have a drop down menu where you will choose the Service and exact Time. If you do NOT see your desired time then it is unavailable.

4.) Once you have chosen your options select the pink button “Book Appointment”. You will receive a confirmation email immediately following booking the online appointment.

5.) We have several Add On services available. If you are wanting one or more of these services with you tan, you do not need to book an additional appointment for them. Once you have your Spray Tan booked with us you can add ANY of our Add On services at the time of your appointment by letting your technician know which one(s) you would like.

Partial Tan
Would you like just your upper or lower body sprayed? We offer the upper body – chest and above including arms and face, and legs.  You have the options of using the Original Spray Tan or the Express Spray Tan. Please specify if you would like a partial body tan in the notes section on the final page before selecting the pink button “Book Appointment”

Original Custom Spray Tan $35
With this tan you can’t get wet for 8-10 hours while the tan develops. During this developing period we recommend wearing dark loose fitting clothing to achieve optimal results.

Express Custom Spray Tan $50
Our Express Tan allows you to shower after only 4 hours! Perfect for last minute tanners or those with busy schedules. The tan still takes 8 hours to develop and see full results but you can shower and wear jeans after just 4 hours!!!

 Available Add On Services:

We have several Add On services available. To book an Add On service to your Tanning session just tell us which Add On(s) you would like to book in the notes section on the final page before selecting the pink button “Book Appointment” or you can book a 2nd appointment for the Add On you desire.

pH Balancing Exfoliating Spray +$15
This luxurious treatment treats the skin as a steam shower would.  The treatment is sprayed before the spray tan application to ensure optimal results. Enriched with natural fruit extracts it opens pores to allow the spray tan solution to penetrate to its maximum level. Finally, it finishes by leveling the pH balance levels in your skin. This treatment guarantees a spray tan of perfection every time.

Moisture Seal Treatment +$15
Our Moisture Seal is a treatment applied immediately after the spray tan. This add on service takes less than 5 minutes. It is designed to add moisture to your skin while locking in color (it adds an extra 3-5 days onto the tan!). It also prevents the tan from fading while swimming in water such as chlorine pools/hot tubs, rivers, lakes, and ocean water. Lastly, it takes away the after tan sticky/tacky feeling, leaving your skin completely dry so you can go about your day without sticking to your clothes.The Moisture Seal Treatment is an add on service and can be applied to any Spray Tan Session.

Light Dip +$8
Our Light Dip is for those who want a little extra color but not a full 2nd application (Double Dip). The Light Dip is our same O.C. Tan 2 U tanning solution but just applied heavier for darker tanning results.

Double Dip +$15
Our Double Dip is 2 full applications for 2x the amount of color. The Double Dip is darker than the Light Dip.

If you cannot decide if this service is for you, you can wait until your appointment to decide. We will spray you once and have you look in our tanning room mirror to see if you would like to go darker or not. Our bronzer is true to our tanning solution meaning when you are initially sprayed the color that you see is exactly how your spray tan will develop. No surprises after you take a shower.


Book your Custom Airbrush Spray Tan Online